Santa Clara County Elections in 2017

The Tax & Spend crowd didn't waste any time to submit the first tax increase for 2017. In fact, they started the process in December 2016.

The Lakeside School District (Los Gatos Mountains area including some of Santa Cruz County) has submitted a $647 parcel tax to be part of a mail only ballot scheduled for March 7, 2017 in Santa Clara County.

This same school district submitted a $820 parcel tax last June that was defeated by the voters, so now they're back with a more "modest" tax increase.

The Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association Board of Directors have passed, without objection, a motion to endorse a NO vote on this tax increase (Measure A).

in case you're wondering if this rural school district is a poorly funded district, their expense per child is $18,688 versus the statewide average of $9,633, or 193% above the average.

FYI.......................Mark Hinkle, President: Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

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