San Mateo – Foster City Elemetary School District $209.92 Parcel Tax: Argument Against Measure Y

With this latest “temporary” parcel tax, the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District claims they need more money to continue providing quality education.

The district not only wants to extend the 2010 parcel tax for another 9 years, they want an increase from $180.85 to $209.92 per year, now, and then automatic increases every year thereafter.

Have they earned this extension that will cost you almost $2,000 over the next 9 years (on top of the taxes you are already paying)?

Let’s look at the student test scores for English learners attaining English proficiency:

2011-12 school year results: 68% meeting proficiency.

2014-15 school year results: 57% meeting proficiency.

The District rewarded parents and taxpayers for the passage of the 2010 parcel tax by dropping English proficiency rates by 11%.

Source: California Department of Education Data Partnership

If you got 57% of the answers right on a test, that would be an F grade, would it not?

Should you, the voters, reward a 43% failure rate with more money?

If no, we encourage you to vote NO on Measure Y.

The statewide average expense per student is $9,633 per year. San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School Districts’ is already $9,573 or 99% of the statewide average.  Yet, they want more of your hard earned money to pad their salaries and fat pension plans.

The measure says that none of the funds will be used for administration.  But, funds generated separately from this parcel tax can be used for administration expenses without limits.  So, that is really an empty promise.  Do not be fooled.

Tell the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School Board to be fiscally responsible by voting NO on_Measure_Y.

If you reward failure, you will get more failure!

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Endorsements of a NO vote on Measure Y:

Jackey Hickey, Director: Sequoia Healthcare Districit

Julian Qian, District Resident

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