November 6, 2012

Measure D
City of San Jose. Minimum Wages: Increase 25%

SVTA recommends a NO vote against Measure D.


Shall an ordinance be adopted that (1) requires (a) payment of minimum wages in San José at $10 per hour [currently $8] with an annual increase, if any, based on the Consumer Price Index beginning January 1, 2014; (b) City enforcement through fines, penalties, civil actions, or revocation or suspension of permits or licenses; and (c) voter approval of substantive changes to the ordinance; and (2) allows private enforcement through civil actions?

See the measure and the arguments in favor of and against, at the web site of the League of Women Voters, here.

You may read more about the effects of government-mandated wage controls in this book by Jim Cox: Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage.

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