Argument Against Berryessa Union School District $77M Bond Measure L

The School District wants to add $77M to its current debt of $48M. Has the District been responsible regarding its current debt?

Back in 1999, the voters allowed the District to borrow $48M. That debt, which has been divided into five different accounts, has not been paid off after 15 years and payments have been suspended on three of the five accounts. What's worse is that the District has not had a citizen's oversight committee meeting since 2005. These meetings allow the voters to see how the District is managing the bond money.

Now, the District is asking you, the voters, to let them borrow an additional $77M. In putting this measure on the ballot, the District voted for a provision that eliminates the citizen's oversight committee as soon as the bond construction projects are completed, leaving lack of citizen oversight for at least 20 years on the $77M.

Why does the District want to remove the citizen's oversight committee on the current and now the proposed bonds? Is there something about the District's management of the bond funds that it does not want the public to know about? Bond Oversight Committees are not just a good idea; they are required by the California Constitution and should be in place for the entire term of the bond.

Let's send a message to the District. The management of the $48M bond debt does not justify voting for another $77M.

Vote No on Measure L.

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