Argument Against Franklin-McKinley School District $80,000,000 Bond Issue: Measure R

How greedy can you get?

In 2016, we voters granted the District $67,400,000 in bond debt to “improve safety,” not long after we approved $50,000,000 in 2010 to “improve access for persons with disabilities” and “repair outdated electrical systems.”

Now District trustees want another $80 million to do the same things — all over again?!

Do schools really need upgrading every 4–6 years?

Have they even spent the $67,400,000 from 2016 or the $50,000,000 from 2010 ?

If not, why are they asking for more of our hard-earned tax dollars?

When tax bond measures like Measure R are put before us voters, trustees are admitting that everything they are already spending our tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. 

Budgets demonstrate an organization’s priorities.  Franklin-McKinley School District is saying that every educational dollar spent today is going to a higher priority than to "improve safety." 

Do you agree?

Education Data Partnership ( shows enrollment of at least 10,596 students in the district, which means this tax bond would cost $7,550 per student, on top of the burdens of $6,360 per student from 2016 and $4,718 per student from 2010 — that’s not counting interest payments. 

Would you take out a 25- to 30-year loan to buy a personal computer?  Nuts, right?  But that’s what the District is asking you to do when they propose tax bonds to purchase technology that will be obsolete in 4–6 years.

You deserve to know the full story on Measure R.

If you value children's health and safety over funding tax-free shelters for bond funds and big banks, then vote NO on Measure R.

If you value school maintenance over making interest payments for 25–30 years, please vote NO on Measure R.

Also endorsing a NO vote:

Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

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