Argument Against Burlingame Elementary School District $97M Bond Issue: Measure O

In 2016 voters approved $56,000,000 in debt to “update classrooms” and in 2012 they approved $56,000,000 to “update classrooms”.

Now they want another $97,000,000 debt to do it all over again???

Do school classrooms really need upgrading every four years?

Have they even spent the $56,000,000 from the 2016 bond or before?

If not, why are they asking for more of your hard-earned dollars?

When bond debt measures like Measure O are put before the voters, the school District is admitting that everything they are currently spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. 

Budgets set priorities.  Burlingame Elementary School District is saying every educational dollar spent today is going to a higher priority than to "renovate outdated classrooms". 

Do you agree?

The District does not think “student safety” is important, because they are not in the current budget.

Do you agree?

The District does not think “leaky roofs” are important, because they are not in the current budget.

Do you agree?

Who takes out a 25-30-year loan to buy a personal computer?  No one, right?  But that is what the District did in 2012.  You are paying for that now and will for decades to come, even though that technology became obsolete years ago.

The website: shows 3,507 students in the district, which means this bond expense is $27,658 per student, plus 25-30 years of interest, plus $10,070 per student in the annual school budget. 

You deserved to know the full truth about the mountain of debt that is measure O.  

Remember, financing school projects via bond debt, routinely doubles the cost of the project.  And purchasing technology via bonds is nuts!

Just say No to more debt.  Vote No on O.

Also endorsing a NO vote:

Andrew Peceimer - Burlingame resident

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