Argument Against Campbell Union High School District $275,000,000 Bond Issue: Measure AA


In 2006 voters approved a $90,000,000 bond measure to “renovate/upgrade facilities and improve student safety”.


Now, just 10 years later, they want to do it all over again, but at more than 3 times the cost, plus interest.


It’s amazing how fast classrooms become obsolete these days.


Can the Campbell Union High School District be trusted with this $275,000,000 bond money debt?


The answer is clearly NO!


They have already been wrongly entrusted with $90 million to upgrade facilities, and now they want another $275 million (saddling us with another 25-30 years of debt!)…to do the same thing all over again.


Are school buildings constructed so poorly that they need repairs every 10 years?


They say they want to prevent “overcrowding”, but student enrollment from 2010-11 school year has declined from 7,581 students down to 7,453 in 2014-15.  Virtually no change in 5 years.


This bond expense, per student, equals $36,897.  At 20 students per classroom, that’s $737,957 for each classroom.  That’s some fancy classroom!


They want to “modernize classrooms, labs” at a cost of 3 times what that cost just 10 years ago.  That’s outrageous.


Would you take out a 25-30 year loan to buy a computer? 


No?  But, that’s what the district wants you to do.


That’s just nuts!


No sane person would take out a loan for 25-30 years to buy technology that’s going to be obsolete in 3-5 years.  But, that’s just what the District is asking you to do.


Let’s reject these wasteful expenses by voting “NO,” on Measure AA.


Like us, you can be for schools, for students, for teachers, but against Measure AA.

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