Election - November 6, 2012
Santa Clara County

Measure H:
Bond ($290 million)

SVTA recommends a NO vote
against Measure H.

To improve local schools and support academic programs, prepare students for jobs, save money and improve teacher retention by upgrading technology, classrooms and science labs, improving school safety and security, upgrading energy and water systems to improve efficiency, paying off facility leases, and repairing, constructing, or equipping facilities, sites or classrooms, shall San Jose Unified School District issue 290 million dollars in bonds at legal rates, with independent citizens' oversight, annual financial audits and no funds for administrators' salaries?

You may read the Full Text, Impartial Analysis, and Tax Rate Statement of Measure H here.

 Argument in Favor of Measure H
 Argument Against Measure H

In today's competitive, 21st-century economy, students in our local San Jose neighborhood schools must be prepared to excel--that's why we urge you to vote YES on H.

Measure H improves classrooms and labs, preparing students for college and careers.

By upgrading science facilities, classrooms and technology, Measure H supports career training and college preparatory programs for our future Silicon Valley workforce.

The State cannot take away one penny of Measure H funds.

Due to billions of dollars in State budget cuts, our schools face an annual budget shortage of $15 million. We can't rely on the State to improve our schools--Measure H is the solution.

Measure H saves $5 million annually to support academic programs and retain teachers.

By repairing classrooms, improving energy efficiency, upgrading inefficient heating and cooling systems and paying off leases, our schools will save millions that can be used to retain teachers, keep educational staff and protect math, science, reading and writing programs.

Measure H ensures students have safe classrooms and 21st-century technology.

While some local schools have been renovated, others have not. Measure H repairs old classrooms and labs, and updates technology so students are trained for our evolving job market.

Measure H will:

  • Improve programs to prepare students for jobs and careers
  • Improve energy efficiency to save money to protect academic programs
  • Keep schools clean and well-maintained
  • Modernize science facilities and classrooms
  • Upgrade classroom technology for all students
  • Improve student safety and security

Strong Fiscal Accountability Is Included

  • All funds stay in local schools--not one penny can be taken by the State
  • Independent citizen oversight and annual, third-party audits are required
  • No funds for administrators' salaries, pensions or benefits

ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MEASURE H - Continued Vote YES on H to improve educational opportunities for all neighborhood students: the future Silicon Valley workforce.

Susan W. Hammer, Former Mayor of San Jose

Fernando R. Zazueta
Co-Founder, Mexican Heritage Corporation of San Jose

David Ginsborg
Founder, CA League of Bond Oversight Comittees, Willow Glen Elementary School Parent

Christine Gray
Former PTA Council President, Parent of Gunderson High School & San Jose High School Graduates

Carl Salas, San Jose Business Owner

When school boards put bond measures like Measure H before the voters, they are admitting that everything they are currently spending your tax dollars on now is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. School budgets set priorities. They are saying every educational dollar spent today has a higher priority than spending to provide "up-to-date computers, learning technology, and grade-level appropriate science labs"

Do you agree?

A according to the 2011 STAR test results, there are at least 6,914 students in the district, which means the bond expense is $43,137 per student before adding interest costs. When you buy a home, truth in lending laws require you be informed about the real cost of buying a home. Consumer laws should apply to bond issues. For example borrowing $290,000,000 and paying 3 percent interest for 25 years means annual payments of $16,502,520 in principle and interest payments for total lifetime cost of $412,563,000. As a consumer, you deserved to know the full truth about measure H.

Instead of paying $16,502,520 (principle & interest) a year to provide "up-to-date computers" , your educational dollars will go to big banks, investment brokers, and other wealthy people to be used as a tax shelter. Is this the best use of your tax dollars?

What's more important to you?

1. Spending $16,502,520 a year on "up-to-date computers" and "grade-level appropriate science labs"?

2. Spending $16,502,520 a year to fund tax shelters for big banks, investment brokers, and the rich.

If you value "up-to-date computers" more than funding tax shelters, vote NO on Measure H.

If you value "grade-level appropriate science labs" more than making interest payments for 25 years, vote NO on Measure H.

Want more? http://www.svtaxpayers.org/san-jose

John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

Rebuttal to
Argument in Favor of Measure H

 Rebuttal to
Argument Against Measure H


When school boards put bond measures like Measure H before the voters, what are they saying? They are admitting that everything they are spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. Budgets set priorities. San Jose Unified School District is saying that every educational dollar spent today is going to something they consider a higher priority than to "Improve student safety and security" and "Upgrade classroom technology for all students."

Do you agree?

Education Data Partnership (www.Ed-Data.K12.ca.us) shows the District's enrollment increasing from 32,423 students during the 2009-10 school year, to 33,018 during 2010-11. And the number of teachers has declined from 1,571.2 full-time-equivalent teachers, down to 1,521.3.

Since students are increasing (more revenue) and teachers are declining (less expense), that should allow more funds from the current budget to be applied to basic maintenance of the schools. In fact, you and I take care of our homes, our condos, and even our apartments out of our yearly budgets. Why can't the San Jose Unified School District do the same?

School bonds are much like mortgages, in that they have to be paid back, in full--plus interest. Lots and lots of interest. Interest payments that don't go to teachers, library books, computers, maintenance, etc.

Is this the best use of your tax dollars?

If your answer is "no," please vote NO on Measure H.

You can be for schools, for students, for teachers, and against Measure H.

For more information: http://www.SVTaxpayers.org/san-jose

John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

Unlike the authors of the argument against Measure H, we believe that the successful futures of neighborhood elementary, middle and high school students are our community's top priority.

Unfortunately, these naysayers--who regularly oppose all school measures--got their math wrong. Our local school district educates over 33,000 students and every one of them deserves a great public education to become Silicon Valley leaders.

It's clear that State budget cuts have severely impacted our schools, creating a $15 million annual budget shortfall. As a result, our local school district has been forced to cut academic programs, reduce educational staff and librarians, increase class sizes and shorten the school year.

We must protect and restore educational priorities in our schools with Measure H to improve education for all students.

Measure H is targeted to our top priority: preparing all students for success in high school, college and careers.

  • The State cannot take a single penny of Measure H funds
  • Citizen oversight and annual audits ensure funds are spent wisely
  • No funds can be used for administrators' salaries, pensions or benefits
Measure H is a smart solution, helping our schools save $5 million annually for critical educational programs and classroom instruction. It also completes necessary school safety repairs, improves science labs and provides updated technology.

By making our neighborhood schools a priority, our entire community benefits. Good schools make safe neighborhoods and strengthen property values.

We have our priorities straight: join us and vote YES on Measure H.

Mark L. Walker, Almaden Valley Resident

Holly Barr, Willow Glen area Realtor

Stephen Novotny
Retired San Jose High School Technology Teacher

Michael Smith
Former Chair, SJUSD Measure C/F; Citizens Bond Oversight Committee

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