Election - November 6, 2012
San Mateo County

Measure D:
Burlingame Elementary School District Bond Issue:
$56 million

SVTA recommends a NO vote
against Measure D.

Summary of ballot measure:

“To maintain excellent local schools by modernizing science labs upgrading instructional technology/computers, adding classrooms/reopening an existing school to reduce current overcrowding, upgrading classrooms to meet current safety codes, renovating heating and electrical systems to save money, shall Burlingame Elementary School District issue $56,000,000 of bonds that cannot be taken by the State, at legal rates, to renovate, construct, acquire local neighborhood schools, sites, equipment and facilities, with independent audits, citizen’s [sic] oversight, and no money for administrators?”

You may read the Full Text and Impartial Analysis of the measure at the web site of the San Mateo County Registrar of Voters, here.

Argument in Favor of Measure D
Argument against Measure D

Vote Yes on D to continue top quality education in our Burlingame elementary and middle schools by repairing and upgrading aging classrooms, science labs and classroom technology to prepare students to excel in our 21st-century economy.

Burlingame Elementary School District provides an exceptional education for local students. Due to strong classroom instruction and quality core educational programs, students consistently earn top scores on statewide exams.

On average our schools are 70 years old. They require renovations and upgrades for 21st-century learning and to improve school safety. While some of our schools have been renovated, others have not. Additional classrooms are needed to accommodate a growing student enrollment.

Measure D will ensure all students have access to modern and safe classrooms, science labs and updated technology. By upgrading aging heating and ventilation systems, our schools will save thousands of dollars annuallyundefinedmoney that could be used to help retain teachers and protect academic programs.

Vote Yes on D

• Update classrooms, libraries and educational facilities to meet current earthquake, fire and safety codes

• Provide adequate classroom teaching tools, science labs and instructional technology for all schools

• Provide additional classrooms and school facilities to reduce overcrowding

• Upgrade outdated electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems

 • Update classrooms to provide access for students with disabilities

 Local Control and Fiscal Accountability

  • No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries

 • All Measure D funds stay local and cannot be taken by the State

 • Citizens’ oversight and annual reports are required

 • Measure D will qualify our schools for future state matching funds

Our schools are a source of community pride. Families continue to move to Burlingame due to the quality of education our local schools provide, helping to protect local property values. Please join parents, teachers and neighborsundefinedvote YES on D to continue quality education in Burlingame schools.

 /s/ Mark Lucchesi, Manager / Mollie Stones

 /s/ Jenifer BeswickPTA Council President

 /s/ Alisa Ruiz-Johnson,  Realtor

 /s/ Jennifer SlabodaBurlingame Community Education Foundation President

 /s/ Jack Van EttenRetired Burlingame Police Chief


When school boards put bond measures, like Measure D, before the voters, they are admitting that everything they are currently spending your tax dollars on is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. Budgets set priorities. They are saying every educational dollar spent today is more important than “to meet current earthquake, fire and safety codes”.

 Do you agree?

According to the web site: www.ed-data.k12.ca.us, there are 1,932 students in the district, which means the expense is $28,985 per student before adding interest expenses and repayment of principle. When you buy a home, the truth in lending laws require you be informed about the real cost of buying a home. Consumer laws should apply to bond issues. A $56,000,000 bond issue paying, for example, 3 percent interest for 40 years means monthly payments of $200,471.28 in principle and interest payments for total cost of $96,226,214.40. As a consumer, you deserved to know the full truth about measure D.

 Instead of paying $96,226,214.40 (interest & principal) a year “to meet current earthquake, fire and safety codes”, your educational dollars will go to big banks, investment brokers, and other wealthy people to be used as a tax shelter. Is this the best use of your tax dollars?

 What’s more important to you?

 1. Spending $2,405.655.36 a year on your child’s safety and health in the schools.

 2. Spending $2,405.655.36 a year to fund tax shelters for big banks, investment brokers, and the rich.

 If you value your child’s health and safety more than funding tax shelters, vote NO on Measure D.

 If you value school maintenance more than making bond payments for 40 years, vote NO on Measure D.

 For more details, please visit our website:  http://www.SVTaxpayers.org/measure-d

 /s/ John Roeder  President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

 /s/ Harland Harrison  Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County CA
 Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure D    Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure D

  In 2007, voters passed a $48,300,000 bond measure to “Maintain, repair, and upgrade facilities, classrooms, technology and safety.” (Source: www.Ed-Data.k12.ca.uswww.Ed-Data.k12.ca.us)

 It’s now just 5 years later, and they’re back for another $56,000,000- -and for what?

 Answer: “renovating heating and electrical systems,” “upgrading classrooms to meet current safety codes,” and “Modernize science labs, computer and instructional technology.”

 Sounds pretty similar, doesn’t it?

 And what will they be back for in 2017? Another bond issue, at $64,000,000?

 Undoubtedly, they will ask for the money to maintain, repair, and upgrade facilities, classrooms, technology and safety.

 Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

 Budgets set priorities. Clearly the School Board doesn’t consider those items a priority, because they’re missing from their current budget.

 Passage of this bond measure will allow the School Board to increase salaries and pensions--already above state averages (in 3 of 4 categories)--even higher.

 But California public school teachers are the highest paid in the nation. California students rank 48th in math achievement, 49th in reading. (Source: www.LAO.Ca.gov/reports/2011/calfacts/ calfacts_010511.aspx)

 Is it a good idea to reward bad academic performance and substandard maintenance with more money? No, it’s not!

 If you value school maintenance more than making bond payments for up to 40 years, vote NO on Measure D.

 You can be for children, for schools, for teachers, and against Measure D

 For more details, please visit our website: www.SVTaxpayers.org/measure-d

 /s/ John Roeder  President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

 /s/ Harland Harrison  Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County CA


 It’s a shame that rigid ideologues who don’t live in Burlingame are misleading voters to the detriment of local elementary and middle school students. These naysayers submitted the exact same argument, full of mistruths and distortions, against every school measure in San Mateo County,

 If they lived in Burlingame, the two opponents would know that our community is unique and desirable, with strong property values, because our schools are top in the State.

 For decades, Burlingame residents have joined together to strengthen neighborhood schools because our priority is quality education for local children.

 We know the facts and we’re voting YES on D.

 • No other source of funding exists to complete the repairs and upgrades our schools require.

 • Because Burlingame schools have prioritized strong academic programs and qualified teachers, student achievement is top in the State.

 • Measure D funds can only be used for school repairs and upgrades. No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries, pensions or benefits.

 • Measure D will:

 o Update schools to meet current earthquake, fire and safety codes

 o Provide upgraded science labs and technology

 o Reduce school overcrowding

 • Citizen oversight and annual audits ensure all Measure D funds complete voter-approved projects, ensuring promises are kept.

 We can’t rely on the State to adequately fund the excellent education we expect from Burlingame schools. Measure D is a local solutionundefinedall funds stay in Burlingame schools and cannot be taken by the State.

 Join us: Vote Yes on D and make a difference for Burlingame students.

 /s/ Jim Cannon  Trustee San Mateo County Board of Education

 /s/ Ricardo Ortiz  Past Chair-Measure A Oversight Committee

 /s/ Michael Jarrett  Burlingame Business Owner

 /s/ Annette J. DeMaria  Teacher Burlingame School Dist.

 /s/ Kristin Andersen  C.P.A.

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