Argument Against San Jose Unified School District $72 Parcel Tax - Measure Y


In 2012, voters approved a whopping $290,000,000 bond debt measure and now the District is coming back for more loot.


The District wants to impose a tax increase of $576 over the next 8 years. 


According to the web site:, the district revenues for 2014-15 (latest figures available) were $320,949,607 and for 2013-14 school-year, revenues were $296,486,221.


That’s a $24,463,386 jump in revenues in just one year.  So, why do they need a new the $72 parcel tax increase?


Answer: they don’t.


They are spending $10,416 per student per year in 2014/15 which is 102% of the statewide average.  That’s a whopping $742 per student revenue increase year over year.


The district’s ADA (Average Daily Attendance) has declined by 214 students since the 2013-14 school year, which should mean lower costs.


If they are already receiving and spending $742 per student more than last school year, why do they need a $72 parcel tax for the next 8 years?


Answer: they don’t.


And that’s on top of the $290,000,000 bond measure debt approved in 2012 -- NOT counting interest expense on that debt.


It’s time we said no to the tax and spend special interest crowd and reject this parcel tax.


Just once, wouldn’t you like to see a “temporary tax” actually be temporary?


More money spent on schools will NOT result in higher test scores, but will result in bigger bureaucracies and fatter pensions.  Please vote NO on Measure Y.


Please don’t believe the lie that “no funds for district office administrators’ salaries”.  All money is fungible and that means funds raised by this tax will free up additional monies for higher administration salaries.


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