Shouldn’t you have the right to work where you pay taxes?

Most California cities do not force their construction contractors to sign union agreements. But the City of San Jose will require contractors to sign a “Project Labor Agreement” (PLA) with unions to work on most infrastructure projects funded by bonds.

For years, the City of San Jose operated with a construction bidding policy that ensured a fair playing field regardless of labor affiliation and delivered quality workmanship our community could count on.

Unfortunately, that ended in 2018 when the San Jose City Council voted to prevent a majority of local workers form building their community.

Now, your friends, your neighbors and young aspiring construction professionals can’t get a fair shot at the work here in their backyard to help provide for their families.  Instead, out of town workers are working here and taking your tax dollars back to their communities.

Please do not endorse this type of discrimination with your vote.  Send the bond back to the drawing board and tell these politicians to fix it so all workers can work in their community.

And remember, while the bond is described as $650 million, it’s more likely to cost you $1.1 billion.  Bonds are like home mortgages, they have to be paid back with interest…lots and lots of interest over the next 25-30 years.

Lastly, they say part of these funds will be used to upgrade 911 communication technologies.  Technology that will be obsolete in 5-6 years, but the payments for that technology will go on for decades, long after that technology has been thrown into the recycling bin.

Vote NO on Measure T

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