Election - June 3, 2014

Santa Clara County

Measure K:

Parcel tax of $95 for Mount Pleasant School District:

Without increasing current tax rates, to continue improving local elementary schools by protecting reading, writing, math/science programs, maintaining libraries, music/art, retaining qualified teachers, preserving tutoring programs for students with special needs, providing updated educational materials and access to 21st Century technology and computer training, and, shall Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District renew its expiring $95 parcel tax for seven years, exempt senior citizens, no funds for administrators' salaries, independent citizen oversight and all funds benefitting local schools?

SVTA recommends a NO vote against Measure K.

Here's why:

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District used 2010's state government budget crisis to persuade us to pass the existing $95 parcel tax, a burden they promised would end in 2015. The crisis is over, and we're still paying the tax, yet they're already asking us if they can keep it. How long do they want it to last? Another 7 years!

Homeowners and renters already feel the pinch of the economic downturn and inflation. With Santa Clara County's official unemployment rate at 6.3% (up from 5.8% in December, 2013), but with the real rate -- counting people who have stopped looking for work -- far higher, Measure K will increase everyone's housing cost, hurting the unemployed the worst.

Consider this:

Student enrollment: 2,540 in year 2012-13; 2,613 in 2011-12:

Down 2.79%

Number of teachers: 114 in year 2011-12; 121 in 2010-11:

Down 5.78%

Administration: 10 in year 2011-12; 7 in 2010-11:

Up 42.86%

(Latest figures available; Education Data Partnership)

With fewer teachers, shouldn't expenses be down? Doesn't matter: the District wants more money. More money, while number of both students and teachers is declining, but administration? It's up more than 40%.

Now, the District is saying that these funds won't be used for administration. But that's an empty promise: Any funds generated outside of this parcel tax can simply be shifted to administration expenses -- without limit. Don't be fooled by the shell game.

Everywhere, families' budgets are being slashed -- why not also at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District? (Not to mention that property taxes also slow down our homes' recovering their value!)

This parcel tax will also inhibit the recovery of home prices in Silicon Valley.

Teach the Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District board to be financially responsible: Vote NO on Measure K.



You may read the Full Text, Arguments, Rebuttal Arguments, and Impartial Analysis of Measure N
at the web site of the County Elections Office:

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