Gilroy Sales Tax Argument Against Measure F


The Gilroy City Council gets an “F” for failing to understand basic economics.

When government subsidies something, you get more if it, e.g. solar energy.

However, when you tax something, you get less of it.

Do you want fewer sales to be made in Gilroy?

If so, vote yes on Measure F.

Do you want fewer jobs in Gilroy?

If so, vote yes on Measure F.

Do you want lower sales tax revenues in Gilroy?

If so, vote yes on Measure F.

However, if you want more sales and the jobs they create and the revenues they bring into city coffers, then you surely will want to vote NO on Measure F.

There are measures on the ballot here in Santa Clara County that will raise taxes by over $1.25 billion dollars, not including school parcel taxes, utility taxes, transit occupancy taxes, and this sales tax.

A tax increase now is insane.

Worse yet, this sales tax increase falls hardest on the poor, who already suffer the most in economic downturns:

“Sales taxes are among the most regressive forms of taxation. Consumers with moderate or low incomes have to sacrifice much larger portions of their incomes on sales taxes than do wealthy consumers”.

(according to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, and presently Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, in an NPR interview)

The Santa Clara County sales tax rate of 8.75% is already high – this .5% increase will make Gilroy have the highest sales tax in the county.

Does anyone seriously believe that this drastic sales tax increase would not impact Gilroy businesses?

Vote your conscience.

Vote for those hardest hit in these tough times.


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