Gavilan Joint Community College $248M Bond Measure X

In 2004, voters in the district passed a $108M bond measure.

According to proponents then, it was to fix aging classrooms.  Now, just 14 years later, they need to “upgrade classrooms”.

Why does a classroom need to be upgraded every 14 years?  Do they need new chairs every 14 years? New whiteboards every 14 years?   

In 2004 they paid for “computer replacement” and now they need to “upgrade technology” while undoubtedly still paying for those 2004 computers that have long been sent to the recycling bin.

In 4 or 5 years, this new technology will also be obsolete, but you’ll continue to pay for it for decades to come.

Who in their right mind buys a computer, or any technology, on credit and then pays it off over 25-30 years of principle and interest?

Answer: you do if you vote for Measure X.

Now they want to “repair aging facilities” and in 2004 it was “renovate aging classrooms”. 

They want to upgrade “science labs” just like they did in 2004.  Deja Vous all over again!!!

And according to this web site:

Gavilan College is still spending money on projects funded in 2004: habitat mitigation (whatever that is) for Coyote Valley & San Benito County and also in progress “Athletics fields”.

If it takes them 14 years to NOT finish projects funded in 2004, how long will it take to finish the projects funded by Measure X?

Let’s not find out by voting NO on Measure X

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