Berryessa Union Elementary School District $79 Parcel Tax: Argument Against Measure A

With this latest “temporary” parcel tax, the Berryessa Union Elementary School District claims they need a tax increase to continue providing quality education with declining enrollment.

The district wants to extend the 8-year parcel tax passed in 2013 for another 8 years.

Have they earned this “temporary” tax increase on top of all the other tax you are already paying?

Let’s look at the latest English Literacy Results:

2019-20 school year results: 35.02% below grade level.

Let’s look at the latest Math Results:

2019-20 school year results: 41.70% below grade level.

That’s probably why enrollment has declined by over 600 students in the last 5 years.

The District rewarded students, parents, and taxpayers for the passage of the 2013 parcel tax by showing virtually no academic improvement at all.

Source: California Department of Education Data Partnership

Should you, the voters, reward the district for these dismal English and math proficiency results?

If no, we encourage you to vote NO on Measure A.

The District rewarded teachers for the above dismal academic performance with average pay increases of $17,947 over the last 5 years. Yet, they want more of your hard-earned money to pad their salaries and fat pension plans (up to $24,297 annually).

The measure says that none of the funds will be used for administration. But funds generated separately from this parcel tax can and will be used for administration expenses without limits. So, that is really an empty promise. Do not be fooled.

Tell the School Board to be fiscally responsible by voting NO on_Measure_A.

If you reward failure, you will get more failure!

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