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Taxpayer Organizations

California Taxpayers Association

Calaveras County Taxpayers Association

Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

National Tax-Limitation Committee

National Taxpayers Union (NTU)

Orange County Taxpayers Association

Sacramento Taxpayers Association (formerly Sacramento County Taxpayers League)

San Diego County Taxpayers Assn.

San Diego Tax Fighters
(Tel.: 858/530-3027)

Seaside Taxpayers Association

Kern County Taxpayers Association

Ballot & Election Information

Attorney General of California

California Secretary of State

Find your state representatives

Smart Voter--Nonpartisan Election Information (sponsored by League of Women Voters)

Registrar of Voters (Santa Clara County)

Legislative Information

Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes (opposing the shift to split-roll property taxation, and advocating to preserve Prop. 13)

Find your state representatives


Americans for Tax Reform (Grover Norquist)

California Association of Bond Oversight Committees

California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC)

Californians for Property Rights (San Mateo County and Beyond)

Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)

Citizens for Sensible Transportation (No on VTA's 2008 sales tax, Measure B)

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz/Liberty Garden

Institute for Justice

Law Offices of Tony J. Tanke

Pacific Legal Foundation

Pension Watch

Silicon Valley Public Accountability Foundation

Thoreau Institute

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