Argument Against South San Francisco Sales Tax Measure W


When the South San Francisco City Council requests voters grant them a sales tax hike like Measure W, what are they saying? They are admitting that everything they are already spending our tax dollars on, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. 


Budgets reveal an organization’s true priorities.  The South San Francisco City Council is saying that every dollar they spend today is going to something they consider a higher priority than to “address… street repairs.


Do you agree?


If street maintenance is a priority, why doesn’t it deserve a spot in the City’s annual budget? Isn’t street maintenance an essential service that every city should provide?


The answer is clear: It’s not a priority for the South San Francisco City Council.


And if it is a priority for you, why isn’t it a priority for the City Council?


Is it Okay for the City Council to ignore your priorities?


If your answer is “no,” please vote NO on Measure W.


The City Council says it is “worrying about future budget cuts,” but perhaps they should look at the budget they passed:

            2013-14 revenues of $121,644,042, versus
            2015-16 revenues of $126,300,000.


That’s a $4,655,958 increase in revenues.  Since when is an increase in revenues a “budget cut”?


There are two ways to balance a budget:

1. Increase revenues.
2. Cut expenses.


But the City Council has increased revenues AND increased expenses.


From the 2014-15 adopted budget, revenues are UP $16,014,782, but the big spenders have increased expenses by a whopping $23,828.603.


Again: Where is the “budget cut”?


If you think you can spend your money more wisely than the big spenders on the City Council, you should vote NO on Measure_W.


The following organizations have also endorsed a NO vote on Measure W:

The Republican Party of San Mateo County (

The following individuals have also endorsed a NO vote on Measure W:

Mina Richardson of South San Francisco

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