Argument Against Evergreen Elementary School District $125,000,000 Bond  Measure V

Just 6 years ago, the Evergreen Elementary School District placed on the ballot a $100,000,000 bond (debt) measure to do:

  1. Provide a safe, modern learning environment
  2. Upgrading classroom learning technology
  3. Upgrade classrooms
  4. Upgrade school safety
  5. Upgrade fire and emergency systems

Now, just 6 years later, they want to spend $125,000,000 to do:

  1. Modernize aging classroom
  2. Acquire computers and classroom technology
  3. Modernize aging classrooms
  4. Install campus security/emergency notification
  5. Renovate facilities

Isn’t it amazing how fast schools deteriorate in just 6 years?

Would you take out a 25-30 year loan to buy a personal computer that will be obsolete in 4 or 5 years?  That would be nuts, right?  But that is what the District wants you to do…again!!!

If you vote for this debt, don’t be surprise if the District asks for well over $150,000,000 in another 6 years to, once again, replace aging technology, that you are still be paying for, plus bond debt passed onto your children and likely your grandchildren.

The website: shows a steady declining student enrollment, now down to 11,385 students (2017/18) , which means the bond expense is $10,979 per student not counting interest cost (up to 12%).  And that is on top of the ADA revenues of $10,620 per student every year.

Using debt to buy technology that will be obsolete in 4 to 5 years is bad fiscal policy.

Vote No on Measure V and just say NO to bad fiscal policy.

A yes vote will just reward bad behavior.  As parents, we know rewarding bad behavior, just gets you more bad behavior.  That’s nuts!

Don’t burden your children and grandchildren with this debt!

Sent a clear message to the District: vote NO on Measure V.

Also endorsing a NO vote:

Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

In the News:

From "The Daily Spotlight" -

Following a sharp decline in enrollment across 15 elementary schools in the Evergreen School District, officials decided to close two elementary schools this spring.

The district's Board of Trustees is expected to approve the decision next month. Carina Woudenberg has the details

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