November 6, 2012

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Measure B: Parcel Tax
(nearly $0.5 billion, for 15 years)

SVTA recommends a NO vote against Measure B.

Safe, Clean Water Program
  • Ensure safe, reliable water supply;
  • Reduce toxins, hazards and contaminants in waterways;
  • Protect water supply and dams from earthquakes and natural disasters;
  • Restore wildlife habitat and provide open space;
  • Provide flood protection to homes, schools and businesses;
  • Provide safe, clean water in creeks and bays.

SVTA's concerns about Measure B:

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has proven year after year that it cannot be trusted to spend taxpayer money wisely or in compliance with the law.  Now the politicians at the District want another $548 million of your money to spend, without restrictions, through a tax “extension” on every property owner in Santa Clara County, including those who receive no benefit from the tax.  Vote NO on Measure B.


The current parcel tax does not expire until 2016.  But the District wants to “renew” it now because its polling data tells District politicians the measure might pass.  We were promised the original parcel tax would “end in 15 years.”  The District now wants to break that promise.  Say NO to broken promises.


The current parcel tax has a legitimate and limited purpose: to protect water quality in our creeks and streams and provide protection against floods.  The District claims to have succeeded in these goals.  The early “extension” would allow the District to spend your money on new and different programs, including programs currently funded through other taxes and fees.  Measure B provides no limits on how the District could spend the additional $548 million collected from Santa Clara County property owners.  Vote NO on Measure B and force the District to be accountable for how it spends your money.


The District has a long history of wasting taxpayer money--a history its cynical politicians hope you forget.  The District spends too much money on salaries and benefits and wasteful projects like building nature trails, extravagant buildings and expensive gazebos.  Vote NO on Measure B and force the District to become better stewards of our water and our money.

See the full text of the measure and the arguments in favor of and against, at the web site of the League of Women Voters, here.

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