Arguments Against Measure ­­B: VTA Tax

Each year you are stuck in worse congestion. The 1% sales tax you've paid for the past thirty years to "relieve traffic" hasn't worked. Will raising the tax by 44% really "relieve traffic"?

Santa Clara County has tremendously congested roadways and one of the very worst performing light rail systems in the nation. Bus service is unusable and scheduled to get worse.

Population has increased since 2001, while transit ridership has declined 23 percent. If allowed to continue, the whole county will end up in gridlock.

Let's not put even more money into a failed strategy!  

Here is the actual list of projects promised by Measure A in 2000, and what happened since then: 

- Connect BART to Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara (project was cut in half and is still not complete)

- Build rail connection from San Jose Airport to BART, Caltrain, light rail (project canceled)

- New vehicles for disabled access, senior safety, clean air buses (completed)

- New light rail throughout Santa Clara County (one corridor changed into a bus lane project; other corridors canceled)

- Expand, electrify Caltrain (project is delayed more than 15 years)

- Increase rail, bus service (2015 service was 13% below 2001 levels)

The County Civil Grand Jury determined in 2004 that "The VTA Board has proceeded with a transit capital improvement plan that cannot accomplish all that was promised in Measure A." That certainly turned out to be the case.

Why vote for another bait-and-switch?

This election will be close. Your vote can help defeat this tax increase and send a message that new thinking is needed. Air quality and climate change demand new solutions.

For short and long-term traffic relief, please vote No.

Demand a new direction!

For more information:

Twitter: #No2VTAmeasureB

Phone 408-604-0936


Organizations endorsing a No Vote On Measure B:

1. Sierra Club - Loma Prieta Chapter

2. Bay Rail Alliance

3. Transdef

4. Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

5. Green Party of Santa Clara County


Media endorsements:

1. Palo Alto Daily Post


Elected Officials:

1. Jose Esteves - Mayor of Milpitas

2. John Inks - Mountain View City Council

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