Argument Against San Carlos $45M Bond Measure V


The following argument against Measure V was submitted a local group of citizens in San Carlos.

NO on Black Mountain Park Measure V

Parks and open space are vital part of what makes San Carlos enjoyable.  Many of us support the city using our tax dollars to maintain and improve our current parks.  We might even support a reasonable amount to acquire park land in the future.

But, we cannot and do not support the Black Mountain deal.  Here’s why:

No purchase price, no sale!

According to the city’s own Tax Rate Statement, this bond will cost $86 MILLION DOLLARS over the next 30 years for the purchase with no signed agreement.  This bond measure writes a black check to the developers selling the Black Mountain properties.

There’s no plan for the property, only empty promises.

You may vote for open space and hiking trails, but could very well end up with a recreation center and paved parking lots.  Who knows?  The city is asking us to fork over millions of dollars with no idea what it’s for or when that’ll be decided.T

Taxes going up and up and up.

This bond measure adds hundreds of dollars more a year in residential property tax on top of the thousands we already pay and theirs is no exemption for seniors.

Current San Carlos parks go unmaintained and underutilized.

Our city already has 15 parks on 143 acres, easy access to dozens of county parks, adjacent city parks and private open space. The city can’t even maintain the hiking trails and open space parks we already have, why spend $88 MILLION on another?

The Black Mountain deal is half-baked and will raise our taxes for decades to come.  It does not deserve our votes or our tax dollars.

No plan, no price, NO DEAL.  Send this measure back to City Hall with a firm NO.

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