Election - November 6, 2012
Santa Clara County

Measure L:
Mt. Pleasant School District:
Bonds (
$25 million)

SVTA recommends a NO vote
against Measure L.

To facilitate math, science, reading/writing programs in local elementary/middle schools by upgrading classrooms, removing asbestos and hazardous materials, repairing dry rot, termite and structural damage, upgrading wiring and fire alarms for safety, repairing deteriorating restrooms, replacing leaky roofs, and acquiring, renovating, constructing classrooms, equipment, sites and facilities, shall Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District issue $25,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, with independent citizen oversight, no money for administrators' salaries/pensions/benefits, and all money benefiting local schools?

You may read the Full Text, Impartial Analysis, and Tax Rate Statement of Measure L here.

 Argument in Favor of Measure L  Argument Against Measure L

Vote YES on L to complete basic and critical repairs in our local Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District elementary and middle schools. With safe and modern classrooms, students can continue to improve their skills in math, science, reading and writing, preparing them for success in our competitive 21st-century economy.

Student achievement is on the rise in our local schools, but all of our schools are at least 50 years old. In fact, many school restrooms are in such poor condition, that students often do not use them.

Additionally, safety systems need upgrading, dry rot and termite damage must be addressed and classrooms require the modern technology students need to continue succeeding.

Measure L will provide students the 21st-century technology needed to learn the critical skills, especially in science and math, to excel in our competitive economy.

Measure L will repair our aging schools for student safety and better classroom instruction.

All funds go directly to our neighborhood schools--the State can't take a single penny.

Vote YES on L to improve our schools.

  • Make schools safe from asbestos and other hazards
  • Renovate 40-year-old restrooms that are in poor condition
  • Repair dry rot, termite and other structural damage
  • Repair or replace leaking roofs and old plumbing and wiring
  • Replace antiquated fire alarm and safety communication systems
  • Provide updated classroom computer technology

Financial accountability provisions are required.

  • No funds will be used for administrators' or teachers' salaries, benefits or pensions
  • No funds can be taken away by the State
  • Citizen oversight and annual public audits ensure funds are spent appropriately
  • Measure L qualifies our schools for future state matching funds

Good schools contribute to strong property values and safe neighborhoods. Please join us: vote Yes on Measure L to improve the quality and safety of our schools and neighborhoods.

Linda Sendig, School Site Council President

Isaiah N. White
Former Parent & 20 year district Resident of Mt. Pleasant School District

Ron Goulart
Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Assn. +VP

Manuel R. Martinez, Former Board Member

Judy A. Valenti, 46-year Resident/Retiree
This latest bond tax (Measure L) from the Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District tries to use the state budget crisis to grab unearned money. The district just got a $95 per parcel tax increase in 2010 and now they want another $25,000,000 more.

Homeowners already feel the pinch of difficult financial times. With the Santa Clara County unemployment rate "officially" at 8.8% (the national average = 8.3%) and the real rate that includes people who have stopped looking for work much higher, Measure L will hurt everyone.

The district has been getting an extra parcel tax since 2010 while enrollments are DECLINING: 2,963 in 2008-9 down to 2,593 in 2010-11.

The number of teachers has declined from 146 in 2008-9 school year to 121 in the 2010-11 school year.

District revenues have increased from $81,566,213 in 2008-09 to $85,054,676 in 2010-11 while both the number of students and teachers are declining.

If the district has fewer student and fewer teachers, shouldn't expenses be down?

Families' budgets are being slashed throughout the district's homes--why not in this school district?

This bond measure will inhibit the recovery of home prices in Silicon Valley.

The measure proposes to "make schools safe from asbestos". Yet a $12,000,000 bond measure passed in 1998 said it was to be used to remove "asbestos". How can you remove the same asbestos twice?

Here are the student enrollment figures and average teacher salaries:

2010-11 enrollment: 2,593 - teacher average salary = $66,203 - statewide average = $67,388

2009-10 enrollment: 2,753 - teacher average salary = $66,420 - statewide average = $67,531

2008-9 enrollment: 2,963 - teacher average salary = $66,596 - statewide average = $66,351

Tell the Mt. Pleasant School Board to be fiscally responsible by voting NO on L

For more information please visit us at http://www.svtaxpayers.org/mt-pleasant

John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

Rebuttal to
Argument in Favor of Measure

Rebuttal to
Argument Against Measure
When school boards put bond measures like Measure L before the voters, what are they saying? They are admitting that everything they're spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought. Budgets set priorities. Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District is saying that every educational dollar spent today is going to something they consider a higher priority than to "Make schools safe from asbestos and other hazards" and "Provide updated classroom computer technology."

Do you agree?

Education Data Partnership (http://www.Ed-Data.K12.ca.us) shows the District's enrollment declining from 2,753 students during the 2009-10 school year, to 2,593 during 2010-11. And the number of teachers has declined from 129.8 full-time-equivalent teachers, down to 117.3.

Since the numbers of both students and teachers are down, expenses should be down, too. That should allow more funds from the current budget to be applied to basic maintenance of the schools. In fact, you and I take care of our homes, our condos, and even our apartments out of our yearly budgets. Why can't Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District do the same?

School bonds are much like mortgages, in that they have to be paid back, in full--plus interest. Lots of interest. Interest payments that don't go to teachers, libraries, computers, maintenance, etc.

Is this the best use of your tax dollars?

If your answer is "no," please vote NO on Measure L.

You can be for schools, for students, for teachers, and against Measure L.

For more information: http://www.SVTaxpayers.org/mt-pleasant

s/ John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

s/ Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

It's a shame that the authors of the argument against Measure L are misleading voters with distortions and mistruths. We know the truth. That's why we're voting YES on L.

The fact is, the State hasn't funded repairs for neighborhood elementary schools in decades--there is no other source of funding.

Citizen oversight and annual audits ensure that every penny of previously voter-approved funding supports student achievement in the classroom. Yet, these funds cannot be spent on facilities--that is why Measure L is necessary. View the Citizen Oversight Committee Reports here: http://www.mountpleasant.k12.ca.us.

Over 14 years ago, voters in our community approved a limited and specific list of repairs to the oldest elementary schools and classrooms with a 79.6% YES vote. Always fiscally responsible, the Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District secured state matching funds to maximize bond projects, which were completed on time and on budget.

Now it's time to complete another list of repairs and upgrade our schools with 21st-century technology.

The truth is, Measure L can only be used for critical repairs and improvements to our schools. A specific project list ensures all funds are used for voter-approved purposes.

No funds can be used for administrators' or teachers' salaries, benefits or pensions.

  • No funds can be taken away by the State
  • Citizen oversight and annual audits are required
  • Measure L qualifies our schools for future state matching funds
Local elementary students deserve safe and modern classrooms to continue success in reading, writing math and science. Join us---vote YES.

Peter Skinner
President, Citizen Oversight Committee

Thomas L Kearns; C.P.A.

Manny Barbara
Vice President, Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Jose L Guitron; La Perla Restaurant, Owner

Jim C. Cogan
Former President, Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers

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