Election - November 6, 2012
Santa Clara County

Measure K:
Berryessa Union School District
Parcel Tax
($79/year per parcel for 8 years)

SVTA recommends a NO vote
against Measure K.

Without increasing taxes and to continue providing quality education for local elementary and middle school students by:
  • Attracting and retaining quality teachers,
  • Maintaining strong core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science,
  • Providing updated classroom technology and hands-on science instruction,
  • Keeping libraries open,
shall Berryessa Union School District continue its expiring $79 annual education parcel tax for 8 years, with citizen oversight, a senior exemption, no funds for administrator salaries and all funds benefiting local schools?

You may read the Full Text and Impartial Analysis of Measure K here.

 Argument in Favor of Measure K
 Argument Against Measure K

Vote YES on K to protect strong academic programs in math, science, reading and writing, and retain qualified teachers in our neighborhood elementary and middle schools, without increasing tax rates by a single penny.

In 2008, Berryessa voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to provide stable, local funding to support educational programs and classroom instruction in our neighborhood schools.

Now, this critical Berryessa school funding will expire unless voters choose to renew it.

Without increasing taxes, your YES vote will protect the keys to academic success in our neighborhood schools.

Berryessa Union School District provides a great education for our children. Berryessa's student test scores on statewide exams continue to rise and all schools exceed the State's benchmark goal for achievement in core academic subjects.

Yet, the State has cut $9 million in annual funding from our local schools' budget in the past 5 years. Our schools face even more in potential cuts next year. We simply can't rely on the State to provide the stable funding that our schools need and our students deserve.

Vote YES to renew existing funding for Berryessa schools that cannot be taken by the State.

  • Maintain strong core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science
  • Keep schools safe and drug free
  • Attract and retain qualified teachers
  • Provide updated classroom technology
  • Keep school libraries open
Measure K requires citizen oversight and financial accountability.
  • Not one penny of Measure K can be taken away by the State
  • Independent citizen oversight ensures all funds are spent as promised
  • No funds can be used for administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions
  • Homeowners age 65 or older can receive an exemption
Our great local schools are part of what make Berryessa desirable, keeping property values strong for all of us.

Join parents, teachers, retirees and community leaders--vote YES on K.

Kansen Chu; Councilmember, District 4

Ty Greaves
President, Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council and 2011 Berryessa Citizen of the Year

Robin Wang
Principal, Berryessa Chinese School

Bobbie J. Evans; Berryessa School District Parent

Linda Verna Locke
President, Berryessa Education Foundation-Retiree

This latest special parcel tax from Berryessa Union School District tries to exploit the state budget crisis and grab unearned money. The district wants to extend the 2008 parcel tax of $79 per year for another 8 years--when enrollment is declining.

Homeowners already feel the pinch of difficult financial times. With Santa Clara County's unemployment rate "officially" at 8.8% (the national average = 8.3%) and the real rate, which includes people who have stopped looking for work, much higher, Measure K will hurt all but those who are exempt from the tax.

The district has been getting an extra special tax since 2008 while enrollments are DECLINING.

The number of teachers has declined from 403 in the 2008-9 school year, to 364 in 2010-11.

They want more money, while the numbers of both students and teachers are declining.

If the district has fewer student and fewer teachers, shouldn't expenses be down?

Families' budgets are being slashed throughout the district's homes--why not for this school district?

This parcel tax will also inhibit the recovery of home prices in Silicon Valley.

The measure says that none of the funds will be used for administration. But, funds generated outside this parcel tax can be used for administration expenses without limits. So, that is really an empty promise. Do not be fooled.

Here are the student enrollment figures and average teacher salaries:

2010-11 | Enrollment: 8,224 | Teachers' average salary = $67,652 | Statewide average? $67,388

2009-10 | Enrollment: 8,327 | Teachers' average salary = $67,595 | Statewide average? $67,531

2008-9 | Enrollment: 8,342 | Teachers' average salary = $66,806 | Statewide average? $66,351

Tell the Berryessa School Board to be fiscally responsible: Vote NO on Measure K.

For more information:

John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

Rebuttal to
Argument in Favor of Measure K

 Rebuttal to
Argument Against Measure K

When school boards put parcel measures like Measure K before the voters, what are they saying? They are admitting that everything they are spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the projects for which this tax extension is being sought. Budgets set priorities. Berryessa Union School District is saying that every educational dollar spent today is going to something they consider a higher priority than "Attracting and retaining quality teachers" and "Providing updated classroom technology."

Do you agree?

Education Data Partnership (http://www.Ed-Data.K12.ca.us) shows the District's enrollment declining from 8,327 students during the 2009-10 school year, to 8,224 during 2010-11. And the number of teachers has declined from 384 full-time-equivalent teachers, down to 339.

Since the numbers of both students and teachers are down, expenses should be down, too. That should allow more funds from the current budget to be applied to "keeping libraries open." In fact, you and I take care of our homes, our condos, and even our apartments out of our yearly budgets. Why can't Berryessa Union School District do the same?

The Reason Foundation did a study of government run schools and found "In most states at least 40 percent of every dollar spent on education never makes it into the classroom".

Is this the best use of your tax dollars?

If your answer is "no," please vote NO on Measure K.

You can be for schools, for students, for teachers, and against Measure K.

For more information: http://www.SVTaxpayers.org/berryessa

s/ John W.S. Roeder
President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

s/ Edward Leo Wimmers
Chair, Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County

The argument against Measure K is misleading and inaccurate.

Local education, business and community leaders are voting YES on Measure K because they know the facts.

Fact: Measure K does NOT increase current taxes by a single penny.

Fact: Due to State budget cuts, per-student funding for our schools has declined by $545 in the last 5 years.

That's why Measure K is essential. Our schools are not asking for more, but instead to continue protecting academic programs in math, science, reading and writing and to retain qualified teachers--the basics for great education.

Fact: A Citizen Oversight Committee of local Berryessa community residents annually reviews existing school revenues. View the most recent annual report at http://www.berryessa.k12.ca.us. You will see that all funds were spent wisely to support student learning in the classroom for voter-approved purposes.

Fact: Measure K is targeted to academic essentials--no funds can be spent on administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions.

Fact: Our local schools cannot rely on State funding alone to protect student achievement. That is why every penny of Measure K will continue to go directly to neighborhood schools and cannot be taken away by the State.

Fact: Our local schools all score above the statewide benchmark for academic excellence. We know that strong schools keep neighborhoods desirable and protect property values.

Measure K will continue the quality education students need to become future Silicon Valley leaders.

Join us, Vote YES on Measure K.

For more info visit http://friendsofberryessaschools.com

Manny Barbara
Vice President, Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Frank Cancilla, Business Owner

La Toya Brown
Member, Berryessa Union School District Oversight Committee

Robert M. Stewart, Realtor

Derek Fujikawa, CPA

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