Argument Against San Bruno Park School District $79M Bond – Measure X

In 2011, just 7 years ago, voters in the district passed a $40M bond measure to do the following:

“upgrade classrooms with computers and technology” and to “renovate and modernize classrooms”.

Now they want to “upgrade classrooms, science labs, technology”.

It’s amazing how fast school classrooms deteriorate, isn’t it???

Everyone knows, especially in Silicon Valley, that technology today will be obsolete in 5-6 years, or sooner.

So, who in their right mind would buy technology, on credit, i.e. via a bond, and pay it off over 25-30 years?  No one would do that, right?

Answer: except you, if you vote for Measure X.

The technology that the district previously bought in 2011, with bond money, is undoubtedly already been recycled, but the payments, that you’re still paying for, will continue on for decades.

Vote NO on Measure X to stop this fiscal insanity.

The district wants to spend $79M to help 2,669 students at a cost of $29,599 per student plus the ADA funds of $11,022 per student that they get every year.

Seriously, that’s a lot of money.  But, that $79,000,000 has to be paid back, and that will likely double the cost with interest and principle payments.

ADA spending per classroom is $289,878 each year, so they clearly already have more than enough funds to provide everything this bond measures promises to provide, but without this whopping big tax increase.

Just say NO to fiscal insanity, vote NO on Measure X

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