Election 2012
San Mateo County

SVTA says to Sequoia Healthcare District:
"Education First!"

Attention San Mateo Voters!

Every year, $8 million of your tax money is going to random causes you never approved.

You can prevent that, and free up that money for purposes like education, by voting to disband the unneeded bureaucracy of the Sequoia Healthcare District (SHCD).

You can send a message to the District that you want the District dissolved, by voting only for candidate Jack Hickey, a current District board member and one of three candidates on your November 6 ballot.

What's this all about?

Sequoia Healthcare District (SHCD) is left over from Sequoia Hospital District, which was formed in 1946 to run Sequoia Hospital.

From the report of the 2000-2001 Grand Jury, "SEQUOIA HEALTHCARE DISTRICT TAX REVENUES":

"...the voters of the Sequoia Hospital District may not know:

  • "They are still being taxed to maintain a hospital that the district does not now own.
  • "Their taxes are not going for the purpose of maintaining the hospital.
  • "The revenues in great part are not going for the purposes described in the 1996 Measure H."

"In 1996 the voters of the district approved Measure H that, among other things, sold some assets of the district, including the hospital, to Catholic HealthCare West (CHW), a private non-profit organization. By this sale, maintenance of the hospital became the responsibility of CHW."

SHCD's response to the report included:

"The report states that the voters are still being taxed for a hospital the District does not own. That is technically correct."


What can you do?

It turns out that you can send a clear message that you want to shut down the hospital district that's got no hospital!


Current SHCD director Jack Hickey is running what he calls a voter poll. 

"A vote for Jack Hickey--and only Jack Hickey--
is a vote to shut down the District."

From the Hickey campaign web site:

"The issue is simple.  Voters established a hospital district in 1946 to build, operate and maintain a hospital. Property taxes were assessed for this purpose and Sequoia Hospital was built. The district sold Sequoia Hospital in 1996.  Mission accomplished!  It is now wholly owned, maintained and operated by Dignity Health (formerly Catholic Healthcare West).  The District should have been dissolved, with their taxes going directly to schools, fire districts, cities, the county, etc.  Incumbents Kane and Griffin want the District to keep collecting those taxes.  They think their choice of beneficiaries, which include many worthwhile charities, is what the voters want.  I disagree.  So did two San Mateo County Civil Grand Juries (2000-2001 & 2001-2002)!"

 Hasn't the vigilant campaign of SHCD board member Jack Hickey to disband the District earned our support by now?

On Tuesday, Nov. 6,
let's send the message to end this unneeded District,
by casting one and only one vote for
Jack Hickey for Sequoia Health Care District.


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