Santa Clara Head Tax Arguments: Local Businesses and Restaurants Oppose Increase

by Robert Haugh | August 24, 2022

Santa Clara voters will have an interesting ballot and a lot of decisions to make this November.

One of the more controversial decisions will be Measure H. It would increase the business license tax on Mission City businesses by charging $45 per employee per business. Landlords will be charged $15 per rental unit. The tax is estimated to generate approximately $6 million annually.

Proponents for the tax who signed the arguments are:

Suds Jain, Vice Mayor

Raj Chahal, Councilmember

Karen Hardy, Councilmember

Armando Ferraris, Jr., resident (signed argument, but not rebuttal)

Mary Grizzle, resident

Opponents who signed the arguments are:

Christian Malesic, CEO, Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Teresa O’Neill, Boardmember, Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Mark Hinkle, President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Kawser Jamal, Founder and CEO, Ascend Technology, Inc.

Kathy Watanabe, Councilmember

The proponents emphasize the need for new revenue for City services. The opponents argue that dramatically raising taxes on Santa Clara businesses during a difficult economy will hurt them.

Interestingly, the opponents reference popular local restaurants like Stan’s Donuts and Fiorillo’s Restaurant being hurt.

And they quote Michael Fiorillo and Frank Chang, owner of China Stix opposing the tax. Smart move. They’re all great and popular Mission City businesses.

Here are links to the arguments and rebuttals:

Argument in Favor of Measure H 

Argument Against Measure H

Rebuttal to Argument Against H 

Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure H

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