Argument Against Bayshore Elementary School District Parcel Tax – Measure K


In 2008, Bayshore Elementary School District convinced voters to approve a so-called temporary parcel tax.


Now they’re asking us for permission to drag that 2008 parcel tax out for another 8 years!  That’s $102.94 per parcel -- plus automatic increases every year totaling at least $823.52. That means they won’t have the bother of asking our permission again, that whole time.


The District always makes the same “we have no money” pleas to try to scare us into voting for higher taxes. 


This time we should tell them NO.  And here’s why:


Bayshore Elementary School District’s enrollment has been steadily declining.  Since the 2011-12 school year, enrollment has dropped by 112 students. 


With enrollment declining, presumably they need fewer teachers and fewer classrooms.


Why would they need more taxes with fewer enrollments and fewer teachers?


Have they put to good use the parcel taxes they’ve already received?


Let’s look at their students’ academic proficiency (2012-13):



District average

Statewide STAR average









+8 %









(Source: Education Data Partnership,


Bayshore Elementary School District’s students are below the state average in 3/4 of the subjects!  The only bright spotundefinedif you can call it thatundefinedis Math, in which only 58% of our students meet or exceed California proficiency standards. 


Please don’t reward failure with our hard-earned money.  Demand better academic results, and only then reward the District for their efforts.


Please vote NO on Measure K.


Like us, you can be for schools, for students, for teachers -- and against Measure K

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