Argument Against East Side Union High School District $113.200,000 Bond Issue: Measure I_


When school boards put bond measures like Measure I before the voters, they are admitting that everything they are currently spending your tax dollars on now is more important than the projects for which this tax increase is being sought.  Budgets set priorities.  The East Side Union High School District budget is saying every educational dollar spent today is going to something they consider a higher priority than "21st century technological innovations”. 


Do you agree?


The District wants to replace old fashioned and often out of date, textbooks with laptops and educational software, such as Ebooks.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?


But, if the district isn’t spending money on expensive textbooks, why can’t those savings be used to update technology for both teachers and students?


What the district wants to do is dazzle you with computer technology on the one hand, but then quietly take the savings and redirect that to teacher and administration salaries and benefits.


When you buy a computer that’s going to last for 3-5 years, do you take out a 3-5 year loan to pay for it?  No?  But, that’s what the district wants to do.


School bonds are much like mortgages.  They have to be paid back, in full, plus interest.  Lots and lots of interest.  Those interest payments don’t go to teachers, library books, computers, maintenance, etc.


Also, those funds will be used to implement the very unpopular “Common Core” testing scheme forced on school districts by the Federal government.


Is this the best use of your tax dollars?


If you disagree, please vote NO on Measure I.


You can be for schools, for students, and against Measure I.

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