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Union Elementary School District $95 Parcel Tax - Measure B


Just last year, voters approved $125,000,000 in loans, and now Union Elementary School District is coming back for more loot.


They are asking us to renew the “temporary” $95 parcel tax approved by voters in 2010—a whole year before its promised expiration.


Why are they jumping the gun? 


Answer: They are manipulating us.


Holding this election in an “off” election year means that fewer voters will participate—which increases the District’s chance of pulling off this tax hike.  Hardly “taxation with representation.”  Hardly democratic!


According to Education Data Partnership, District revenues for school year 2013–14 (latest figures available) were $40,317,222 and for 2012–13, revenues were $37,018,408. (Source:


That’s a $3,298,814 jump in revenues, in just one year. That’s MORE THAN THREE AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS. So, why do they need to renew this $95 parcel tax early?


Answer: They don’t need to.


They spent $7,614 per student per year in 2013–14, versus $7,177 per student the prior year.  That’s a $437-per-student hike, year over year.


If these administrators are already receiving and spending $437 more per student than the prior year, why do they need an early renewal of this $95 parcel tax?


Answer: They don’t need it.


Remember: That’s on top of the $125,000,000 bond approved last year—estimated to cost over $23,000 per student—not counting interest expense.


It’s time we said NO to the tax-and-spend, special-interest crowd. It’s time to let a temporary tax expire, when we had been promised it would expire!  It’s time to say NO to this parcel tax.


Throwing more money at school districts never guarantees higher test scores, but it DOES guarantee bigger bureaucracies and fatter pensions.


Please vote NO on Measure B.

For detailed information about the Union Elementary School  District, including teacher salaries, enrollment figures, complete budget information, history of past bond measures and parcel taxes, and a host of other information, please visit this web site:

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