Argument Against East Side Union High School District $60,000,000 Bond Measure J

When the East Side Union High School District puts bond debt measures like Measure J before the voters, what are they saying?  They are admitting that everything they are currently spending your tax dollars on now, is more important than the project for which this tax hike is being sought. 

Do you agree?

The District 2017-18 budget ($275,064,863) reflects the School District Board of Trustees’ priorities.  They put in writing their priorities, which is every educational dollar spent today is going to something they consider a higher priority than “constructing teacher-staff rental housing”.

Do you agree?

The District thinks teachers are having a hard time finding affording housing, so rather than give them pay increases, they want to become landlords instead, with you footing the bill.

Do you agree?

The District has put almost ¾ of a billion dollars on the ballot since 2012 and you are undoubtedly still paying principle and interest payments on that massive debt.

Now, they want to saddle you with another $60,000,000 bond debt, plus 25-30 years of principle and interest payments, to provide below market value housing to teachers and school staff, rather than give them a living wage.

Borrowing $80,000,0000 and paying up to 12% interest for 30 years could mean most of your money will go to principle and interest payments, not discounted rental property for teachers! 

Simply put: bonds are a debt inflicted on current and future (30 years) taxpayers.

Vote NO and send a message that education should be the priority, not more debt and certainly not becoming landlords.

Tell the District “NO MORE DEBT”!!!

If you value your “affordable” housing more than paying debt principle and interest payments for 30 years, vote NO on Measure J.

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